Saturday, 29 June 2013

28/06/2013 Setlist @ Centro Paroquial Alfragide

I don't have much to comment - about good reviews on the show. Just this: Shitty reception from the organization of this party and shitty sound quality. It was fun, though.
From not being able to make a proper soundcheck to getting interrupted in the middle of Ballad of the Baldman (kindly dedicated to my father)!

1. Shipwreck On Solitude
2. A Heart’s Journey
3. Live Without
4. Viva La Flesh
5. Warn The Bitch
6. Ballad of the Baldman
7. Letters From Japan
8. Mothers In Horror
9. Songwriting You
10. Daisy
11. Pradaria de Alfazemas (Live Debut)
12. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away

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