Thursday, 8 September 2011

Break / Day Closure

I think I'm going to stop a little with my youtube account. Get the Flashback Flaws done and then get back to my fans. I need to get this record finished, I think it's a thing I have to achieve first.

I'm worried about Sharp your pencil, Piggy Bunker, Oh God (Why does my heart fly?) and Warn the Bitch. And that's almost half of the album.

I want Sharp your pencil to be fun, high spirits and optimistic.
Piggy Bunker to be melancholic, maybe a bit dramatic and drastic.
Oh God (Why does my heart fly?) to be a passionate song, naive, happy.
Warn the Bitch to be the darkest song of the album.


5 minutes after I wrote this things you see up there:

I can fit Oh God (Why does my heart fly?) in a melody I composed last night. Hope this gets along.


1. Shipwreck On Solitude - 2/3 Basement
2. Piggy Bunker - 2/3 Basement
3. Oh God (why does my heart fly?) 2/3 Basement
4. Live Without - 3/4 Basement
5. Fat Bloody Fingers - 3rd Basement
6. Viva la Flesh - 3/4 Basement
7. Warn the Bitch - 1st Basement
8. Sharp your pencil - 1st Basement
9. Ballad of the Baldman - 3/4 Basement

10. Black Stars - 3rd Basement


Special Versions (silly's, remix's, a cappella's, virgin's)

1. Shipwreck On Solitude - Beach Native

2. Piggy Bunker - none
3. Oh God (why does my heart fly?) - none
4. Live Without - Virgin Version
5. Fat Bloody Fingers - Remix
6. Viva la Flesh - Virgin Version
7. Warn the Bitch - none
8. Sharp your pencil - none
9. Ballad of the Baldman - Silly Version
10. Black Stars - none

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