Monday, 11 July 2011

This is the Beginning

Hi there.
I know fans will only come when results are shown. But I will begin this way anyway.

So, I'm beggining now, I'm creating accounts through youtube, google (I'm not giving you my email for now, sorry), blogspot, twitter, etc. (I guess I didn't miss anything). Soon I will post a Remix of one of my Songs, 'Fat Bloody Fingers', which was originally born when I was playing around through Ableton Live. I created a bass line, some crazy beats and got some lyrics to read along. So that's the way 'Fat Bloody Fingers' was born: the Remix came out before the original version (crazy, huh?). And that's what I'm doing right now in guitar pro 5. I'm finishing the plan for the final product of this song.

I'm going for the song again.
See you guys later.

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