Monday, 11 July 2011

Let's Talk In Code

I was thinking about the ways I can reach to you about the development of my songs. I've already made clear that there are like 4 degrees of songs development (in my head, in instruments, in guitar pro 5 and in Ableton Live), but I didn't specify the possibilities of situations that can happen. I'm going to make some things clear:

First Basement
    • Ideas for lyrics/melodies, based in movies, other songs, things that happen daily, etc.
    • One/Two line lyrics (some sentences that sound cliché and make me feel like they need to belong to some awesome lyrics)
    • (lonely) Chords or Rhythms that sound beautifully even if they're alone.
    • Possible Titles of songs (which gives me a lot of inspiration to begin writing)
      Second Basement
      • Full (but single) Melodies, Rhythms, Riffs and whatever, that seem to have future.
      • Full Lyrics (but still have the possibility to be changed because of the metrics) - Includes Titles too.
      • In development songs in Guitar Pro.
        Third Basement
        • Finished songs in Guitar Pro.
        • In development songs in Ableton Live.
        • Funished songs in Ableton Live that don't please me (And you can bet that I'm perfectionist).
        Forth Basement
        • Finished songs in Ableton Live (that I'm pleased with, obviously)

        There, this will be easier this way.

        While writing this post, I reached the Third Basement in Fat Bloody Finger's (original version)

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