Thursday, 28 July 2011

Back from vacation

Hello again. I should go to sleep, I still haven't rested a bit.

But here's the situation: I'm going to record Fat Bloody Fingers (or. version) - no videosong - , finish Live Without and Viva La Flesh - no videosong either - , achieve 3rd basement with Ballad of the Baldman - and sorry, but no videosong too. I'm thinking about recording Flashback Flaws (the album) with no dependency on VideoSongs (I'll show you the setlist for the album in the following post).


QUESTION! I don't know what name to give to a song. I've got 2 possibilities. Warn The Bitch and Game Over Track. Answer here, please. You can add more possibilities, but those are the main choices. Only if you come up with a master name. Thanks in advance.

These are the lyrics:

For my appeasement I’m playing alive
And you’re buried deep down dead
We conspire all the rules of this fucked up game
While you wish you were not obliged to play

Misguiding thoughts of a ready trigger
Oblivious souls trying to be misunderstood
This bitch ate an idea inventor
Hey Witch, You are not allowed to play

The rumour of a lunatic grand-escape
Leap of Irony to the ground
Faith’s licking fat bloody fingers
Which you are not allowed to play with

Go home and warn the bitch
Come out to play after she disappears
Faith and Death will spare her no longer
With knives we’re not allowed to play with

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